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Q: When I complete a Post Test exam online – how long will it be before I will know if I passed and what my mark is?

A: If you have supplied a proper email address, you will receive your grade immediately.

Q: Will I receive a certificate to show that I have successfully passed an online Post Test examination?
A: You will receive, via the postal service, a letter of confirmation documenting your education credits.

Q: Why do I need to have 75% on a Post-Test to pass; this seems very high?
A: This was not an arbitrary choice. The rules that govern continuing educational activities are established by organizations like the ASRT in the United States or the CAMRT in Canada. They clearly state that when an individual has access to reference material as they complete an examination such as these Post-Tests, the passing mark is a minimum of 75%.

Q: What if I fail a Post-Test – what happens then?
A: If you do not receive at least 75% on a Post-Test, you will not receive the letter of confirmation and you will not earn the education credits. However, you are still able to try again. Simply register online once more and you can write the test again. If you are successful, you will receive the letter of confirmation and you will earn the educational credits. Your letter makes no mention of a second try. No one will ever know that you did the test more than once.

Q: How many times can I write a Post-Test?
A: You can write a test as many times as you need in order to pass. However, you will need to register again (and submit payment) to obtain a valid user name each time that you wish to write a test.

Q: Is there a time limit for completing an online Post-Test?
A: Yes, there is a 3 hour time limitation. It is best to prepare ahead of time so that you can complete the test in this time frame.

Q: If I have any difficulty in logging on to your site who should I contact?
A: Contact our site administrator at [email protected]

Q: Must I submit the post-test online – are there any other options?
A: The post-test can be printed, completed on paper and then either mailed or faxed to us for marking. Contact us ([email protected]) should you wish to choose one of these alternate options.

Q: How long will it take to receive the Handbook of Mammography?
A: Canadian orders will arrive in most major cities in approximately 3-4 working days. Remote locations and the Atlantic Provinces may require an additional day. U.S. locations will receive their book within 5 working days. International orders are dependent on the individual country and whether the delivery is to a major centre or a rural area; 7 to 10 days would be an average time frame.

Q: Why does your website not calculate my international shipping automatically?
A: International shipping and handling charges can vary dramatically according to individual countries; it also depends on whether the location is a major urban centre of a rural area. Therefore, we call to obtain accurate shipping information for each individual international location. You will be notified by email of your shipping charges, provided you have supplied us with a valid email address.

Q: If I order the Handbook of Mammography for my department, can all of my mammography technologists use it to complete Post-Test #1?
A: Absolutely! This book can be used by any number of technologists to complete Post-Test #1. Each technologist can earn 10 Category A credits using the same book. This makes the purchase a real bargain. And the technologists have an excellent reference on hand for immediate referral while they perform mammography examinations!

Q: How can I get a better look at the educational posters?
A: Just click on each individual poster picture on our website; it will enlarge to provide a better view.

Q: Can I see the breast cancer pins in larger format as well?
A: Yes, simply click on the individual pin to enlarge the image.