Educational Posters

This invaluable set of 4 posters is designed to compliment waiting rooms, change cubicles, mammography rooms and examination areas.

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#1 Compression

A brilliant, yet down-to-earth illustration that clarifies the need for breast compression, builds patient confidence and facilitates cooperation.


#2 Early Detection

A powerful message in support of mammography.


#3 Risk for Breast Cancer

Drives home this reality for all women.


#4 Radiation Concerns

Substantiates the “random” requirement for extra views combined with a sensitivity to radiation issues.


The informed patient in the future becomes a partner in the process. She is more likely to co-operate today and return for follow-up appointments.

Poster Specifications

  • Size: 16″ x 20″
  • Vivid Colors: Burgundy, pink & white
  • Laminated for durability.
  • Available in English or French

To order, click here!