Welcome Mammographers, Technologists, and Breast Care Professionals to Mammography.com

The state of this technology is such that we are, for the first time, in a position to impact breast cancer mortality. The critical components of this science and their stringent control have been thoroughly exploited; the tools are at our fingertips.

Never before has what we do and how we do it been more important!

Mammography – Quality Control – Continuing Education – Post Tests
Seminars – Workshops – Consultation – Problem Solving
Comprehensive, Interactive In-House Technologist Training
Mammography Accreditation Assistance – Image Evaluation

Handbook of Mammography

A concise, reference “handbook” for mammographers. This handbook has been approved for Category A continuing education credit.

Continuing Education Exams

We are pleased to provide an opportunity for technologists to earn Category A continuing education credits.


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